Nehmiah Affordable Housing, LP
Nehemiah Affordable Housing, LP is in Partnership with Windsor Development to revitalize the neighborhood surrounding Calvary Missionary Baptist Church.  Through this partnership, twenty (20) units of single family homes have been built with an additional thirty (30) under construction in the spring of 2009.
This is the first phase of providing low-moderate single family homes based upon income requirements for 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units.  These units come with garages and basements.  Visit us for a showing and designs which are available to you.

To date, Nehemiah is in Phase III and have constructed approximatley 22 square blocks of new units.  Nehemiah received the 2014 Wyvetter H. Young Award in 2014,
Applications may be received at 2208 East Kansas or by calling Nehemiah Expansion at 217-544-1423.